Twistasy: Dwarfs

posted: 12th Aug, 2007 - updated: 1st Feb, 2013


All fantasy game settings have Dwarfs, or some form of Dwarf archetype that may not look like a Dwarf but is an Dwarf by another name. For Twistasy one of the basic building blocks is archetypes, and the Dwarf archetype is presented here. It is more about the culture and setting, rather than a detail of their history and geography, and they can be added into any game world. The are not quite the Dwarfs as we know them, and have more in common with Gnomes.


These 'Dwarfs' refer to themselves as the Gudd, but to the humans they are 'Gnomes'. The are a mix of fantasy Dwarf and Gnome archetypes, so much so, that you can think of gnomes as old dwarfs.


The (Gudd) dislike, and many hate the Avari with a passion. The Gudds are very long lives for a mortal people, often reaching many hundreds of year in age. They have a slow metabolism, are 'cold blooded', and are never far from a source of warmth (volcanoes and forges). The can have a bust of speed and have power, but there stamina is short. Most of the time the Gudd sleep, whereas Avari are awake all the time and never shut up and demand attention.

Gudd are hard workers when warm, and they like nothing more that working by a hot forge to fuel their systems. However, despite their strength, they are not the greatest of fighters due to reach limitation. They do fight well in formations and shield walls, but in the open they are very vulnerable. Avari excel in duel combat, and will win against a Gudd or Human with ease. The Gudd invented firearms and mange to be quite effective against Avari, but it soon became clear that the Avari do not die like mortals, and when they returned, they returned with unnatural weapons.


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