posted: 12th Aug, 2007 - updated: 1st Feb, 2013

The 1,000 Chapters Project

This project was inspired by Dazzo who collected up hundreds of chapters and started to render up images for each and every one using the fantastic Space Marine Painter found on Bolter and Chainsword (B+C). He also painstakingly added custom chapter symbols applied to the shoulder. His mission was to collect up 1,000 chapters. I had to be a part on it and jumped on board and rendered up some of the more tricky images for him like the Grey Knights. I then came up with the idea of making a gallery where all the images, each and every one, links to source material for that chapter. I then put together the massive gallery that can be found on this site.

Project WarSpike

This is my game system. WarSpike is a generic set of rules intended for use with an historical or contemporary context. I wrote it as I, like many gamers, am a tweaker and never satisfied with what is on offer. Driven by the arrogant belief that I can do better, I put together a system that I hope is fast, streamlined and introduces a level of dynamics that are rarely (never) seen in war games. I also wanted to use it as a platform to dispel a few Hollywood myths about combat and war, and give players a better understanding of how it all works. I'm a firm believer that "great games build great minds™". That a well thought out and fun war games help to develop tactical and strategic thinking, and help to organise the logical aspects of the mind.


WarSpike does not cover fantasy or the future and this is where Sciror comes in. Sciror is a 'generic setting' devoid of genre or story, and is used as a template when creating game worlds for WarSpike. Sciror deals with all the behind the scenes concepts (meta) and set out how the game universe is structured, an outline of the multi-verse/ alternate realities, how psionic powers work and the nature of creation. All derivative settings are housed within the 'Infinity' and ant genre or setting can be recreated within Sciror and easily converted to WarSpike rules. This may sounds a little doubting but a few pre-made settings are included to get the ball rolling, these being the grimdark 'Stare Into The Abyss', the weird fantasy of 'Twistasy', and a third party fantasy setting 'Dark Pyre'.

Troll forged Miniatures

This is a fascinating project headed up by Ed Fortae (aka Hive Trygon). Troll Forged Miniatures (TFM) accepts submissions from amateur sculptors and cast them up for sale in the TFM store (which I put together). The sculptor then receives a cut of the take, and ongoing royalty that is a real asset to the independent artist, as it is a continuous revenue stream (unlike one payment commissions). It also give an incentive for the artist to create the best work they can, but also the best to their vision and goals, and help promote TFM. There is a vibrant community of sculptors and artists that buzz away in 'the forge', which is the nickname for the forums. It is the forums where all the work is done, acting like company's local network and handles communications between all parties. TFM is gearing up and have brought a 'Spin Caster' so things are looking good!

Actual Scale/ True Scale Marines

Many hard core Space Marine fans are dissatisfied with the current range of 28mm Marines. Some have taken to creating 'Actual Scale' or 'True Scale' conversions to bring the Marines into line with their portrayal in the 40K background. This has been an interesting development in the hobby and is turns out my images have been used as inspiration when creating them. The first I became aware off was Doghouse's Actual Scale marines, as we have a chat about my interpretation of the marines as presented on this site. I also found out recently the other great exponent of the art, Synapse and his True Scale marines, also used my diagrams as inspiration and followed in Doghouse's footsteps but with a twist. I think both have made the concept their own, but I still feel a kinship to the idea. Oh, and while looking up Doghouse's thread I found Lamenter's 'Artscale' marines (a rename of Actual Scale).

Artists Unchained

This is a distribution concept aimed at harnessing the power of P2P for artists and fans in a mutually beneficial way. I wrote this alternative option after reading numerous articles about the woes of P2P, artist dissatisfaction with big media and record label strong arm tactics against artists and fan alike. As I developed the concept and listened to feedback it it seems to address other areas I have concerns over. The system is ideal of independent producers to legally distribute games, music, artworks, ebooks, charity information, public domain materials (Project Gutenberg) and enforcing a certain level of freedom of speech (high ideals!). I make use of a technology not often trumpeted: magnet links. The main drive is ideas is a distribution system for the WarSpike PDF.


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